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Name Current Team Position
Beardy, Randy FA OffensiveLine
Beaulieu, Jean-Christophe MTL RunningBack
Beaulieu, Jean-Christophe MTL FullBack
Beaulieu-Richard, Jonathan ORB Linebacker
Bédard, Martin MTL LongSnapper
Bede, Boris MTL Kicker
Bell, Joshua CGY DefensiveBack
Bell, Shakir EDM RunningBack
Beltre, Frank CGY DefensiveEnd
Beltre, Frank CGY DefensiveLine
Belue, Deion FA DefensiveBack
Bennett, Bryan WPG Quarterback
Bennett, Fred SSK DefensiveBack
Benson, Mike BC LongSnapper
Berger, Adam CGY DefensiveBack
Bergman, Shane CGY OffensiveLine
Bergman, Shane CGY OffensiveLine
Berry, Aaron TOR DefensiveBack
Best, Chris SSK OffensiveLine
Bighill, Adam BC Linebacker
Bishop, Ken TOR DefensiveLine
Black, Matt TOR DefensiveBack
Black, Matt TOR DefensiveBack
Blake, Philip MTL OffensiveLine
Blanc, Jean-Samuel MTL DefensiveLine
Blaszko, Brett BC Receiver
Bodanis, James MTL DefensiveLine
Bolden, Demonte' CGY DefensiveLine
Boldewijn, Geraldo BC Receiver
Bolduc, Jean-Philippe ORB DefensiveBack
Bolles, Brady TOR Quarterback
Bomben, Ryan HAM Guard
Bond, Travis WPG OffensiveLine
Boone, Kadron SSK Receiver
Boudreaux, Brandon CGY DefensiveEnd
Boulay, Nicolas MTL Linebacker
Bourke, Josh TOR OffensiveTackle
Bowman, Adarius EDM Receiver
Bowman, John MTL DefensiveEnd
Boyett, John ORB Linebacker
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