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My name is Michael Dryden. I'm a software developer and sports fan, and a slightly obsessive interest in stats. I don't claim to be a statistician, but my software background does give me a solid base for collecting and displaying data. Of particuarly interest to me are the so-called "advanced" stats; baseball's sabermetric movement, basketball's SportVu, etc. For years I've followed writers such as Bill Barnwell (now of and the guys from I've long hoped that someone would come up with similar advanced stats for the CFL.

This project started as a fantasy football database built for myself and a group of friends; I collected game data to score our league with, and over time, I realized it was developing into a fairly useful collection of data. After some deliberation (trying to determine if I was considering an overwhelmingly large task, in other words), I decide that I should clean up and fill in my data, and open it up to the public. I only have the knowledge for the more basic of the advanced stats, but perhaps with more data available for the public, someone else with the knowledge will be able to put it to use.

Available Data

Currently, the 2009, 2010, 2013 and later seasons have been imported. As time permits, the 2011 and 2012 seasons will be added. The current season's games will be added as soon as possible after the games are completed (expect a day or two for new data to appear).

Data for the 2008 seasons and prior are not available and will not be added in the forseeable future.

The data on this site is not endorsed by the CFL or CFLPA. While I strive for as much accuracy in the data as possible, some errors may exist. Feedback on errors is appreciated and encouraged.

Errors and Feedback

I found an error, or I have a great idea for the site, who should I contact?

For data errors, please click the "Report an error on this page" link at the bottom of the page which contains the error. Please be as detailed as possible with your report. If you'd like a follow-up on the error, enter an email address in the report form and you will be contacted once the error has been researched.

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